Durable, Custom & Environmentally Friendly Coatings

Now a Cerakote Certified Applicator - Painting for carbon fiber surfaces

Powder Coating in Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 2022 – O‚ÄôLeary Powder Coating offers custom finishes in durable and environmentally friendly powder and ceramic coatings for metal, plastic and carbon fiber. Specializing in transportation and recreational items like bicycles, custom cars and motorcycles – we can coat with either powder or ceramic. Do you have something unique like speaker covers, pop art from the 1970’s, sconces or custom metal cabinets? Give us a call for a free consult. We are only limited by the size of our oven (4’x 8’x 6′).

Attention to detail is critical when powder coating or ceramic coating objects, so like our hand made bicycles, we take the time necessary to make sure your item is handled with care, cleaned and prepped to high standards, and carefully coated and cured for a lasting finish. In preparation for finishing an item, we de grease, media blast and prep all items prior to coating. The coating is then applied and the part is cured in our gas fired oven at a carefully monitored time and temperature schedule.

Whether you are looking to have your favorite bicycle frame coated in a new color, restoring a collectable car or motorcycle, or need newly fabricated items coated for the first time we can help. Powder & ceramic coatings provide durable, custom and environmentally-friendly finishes. And we have access to  thousands of color choices!

Our shop hours for powder and ceramic coating drop-off and pick-up are Tuesday thru Friday from 2pm to 5pm AND by appointment. Call us today 505-670-9463 or Contact Us.